Základní návrh mostového nalévacího jeřábu 270t
Základní návrh mostového nalévacího jeřábu 270t

KRALOVO POLE CRANES, a.s. provides for its customers all professional and special services in the field of cranes and lifting equipment, e.g., survey of crane runways, survey of carriages and wheels, etc. but namely:

  • Complete technical solution incl. deliveries of various types of cranes
  • Deliveries of gripping appliances
  • Deliveries of special devices according to own projects
  • Modifications, reconstructions, and modernizations
  • Deliveries of spare parts and service
  • Technical and technological projects
  • Development and research
  • Studies
  • Consulting
  • Expertise
  • Special estimation
  • Complex design engineering
  • Static and stress analysis
  • Inspection of machinery and electrical equipment
  • etc.

In case of realization, we supervise the own production process, assembly and the subsequent commissioning.

Certifikát ISO9001
Certifikát ISO9001

We offer special services:

  • Fully automated cranes and lifting equipment
  • Synchronization of motions of two cranes on one runway
  • Synchronization of motions of multi cranes on multi runways
  • Development of new products in the field of handling loads
  • Application of solution of the arisen situation at customer
  • Survey of crane and trolley travelling wheels

The problem of operation safety is solved in separate chapter. Our company technically solves and supplies various components from the field of safety, e.g.

  • Anticollision systems for cranes on the same crane runway
  • Overload and weighing systems
  • Emergency braking systems of casting and another cranes
  • Monitoring of mechanism run time
  • Monitoring of mechanism run, load motion, load gripping, etc.
  • Emergency and evacuation systems for crane service personnel
  • Systems that secure the parallel motion of left-hand and right-hand side of crane
  • … etc.