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Mobile slewing pillar crane 250kg-2.8m

Mobile slewing pillar crane is designed for vertical and horizontal transport of loads within the range of slewing arm. Crane is mobile - on four wheels and only without load - manually displaceable, during use it is supported on two supports and two rear wheels. Crane may be equipped with manual or electric chain pulley block.

Mobilní otočný sloupový jeřáb 250kg-2.8m

Pillar mobile crane consists of support with weight, column, slewing arm, travelling wheels, travel ties and pulley block. The slewing arm of I-profile is fitted on in the upper part of crane column. Chain pulley block which is fixed on travelling carriage moves on the lower flange of this arm.


Travel of the pulley block is limited with dismountable rubber dumpers on the maximum and minimum radius. Column is bolted together with crane support and it can be mounted on it in two positions. Either with the arm in the direction of tie of the manual crane travel or turn backwards by 180°C by arm against tie.

Mobilní otočný sloupový jeřáb 250kg-2.8m

Crane can be relocated by operator, who pulls up the travel tie, and concurrently pushing by further workers by means of handles on the support. Eventually crane can be relocated by suspension on the suitable handling means by suspension eyes on the support.

Arm slewing is made by horizontal action on arm, eventually on suspended load or on the lifting chain. The extreme positions of arm slewing are limited by spring stops.

Mobile slewing pillar crane 250kg-2.8m
Drawing of Mobile slewing pillar crane 250kg-2.8m

In the case of electric pulley block usage there will be all wiring performed on crane column and arm in such a way, that these parts should form a separate unit, independently on support with travel.

Mobilní otočný sloupový jeřáb 250kg-2.8m - kladkostroj Mobilní otočný sloupový jeřáb 250kg-2.8m - ovladač Mobilní otočný sloupový jeřáb 250kg-2.8m - eletro
Details of Mobile pillar crane


Lifting capacity 250 kg
Crane radius 2850 mm
Lift height 3000 mm
Range of rotatin 270° (± 135°)
Hoist electric chain pulley block
Travel manual
Slewing manual
Suspension means hook


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