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Overhead magnet-grab crane 50t-27m

Overhead crane 50t - 27m is designed for loading, unloading and sorting of iron scrap. Electric lifting magnet or electro-hydraulic grab can be used as means for handling the scrap. These removable attachments are suspended on crane hook.

Crane is designed for operation in two modes :
a) In technological process of production, when 25t lifting capacity will be usually utilized
b) Occasional utilization at atypical handling, when crane will be utilized up to nominal lifting capacity 50t

Overhead magnet-grab crane 50t-27m Overhead crane 50t-27m

Crane bridge consists of two main box girders, which are on both ends connected with cross-beams. Trolley rails are located on the top plate of the main girders. Trolley is of normal structure with one hoisting unit. All crane drives are controlled by frequency converters.

Crane cabin

Light weight cabin is suspended below crane walk-way on the edge of bridge and it is equipped with air-conditioning unit, located on platform behind cabin.

Lifting capacity 50000 kg
Span 27000 mm
Hoist height 12100 mm
Hoist speed 0-10 m/min for capacity 25-50t
0-20 m/min for capacity 0-25t
Speed of trolley travel 0-60 m/min
Bridge travel speed 0-100 m/min
Lifting attachments bottom block with hook
Mains voltage 3 x 400 V, 50 Hz
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