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Overhead crane 3.2t-13.3m

Electric overhead crane is designed for handling the wastes in refuse incinerating plant. Working environment is complicated and crane travels partly in protective space and partly in environment with degree 1 of explosion hazard. Crane and grab are accommodated to these conditions in their design, mainly electric part, and also e.g. edges and stops of grab, which are manufactured of nonspark material.

Overhead crane 3.2t-13.3m

Overhead crane with grab

Bridge and crab travel drive is designed with shaft mounted gearboxes. Lifting unit is designed as a standard unit with overload protection. Crane is supplied by cross trolley with flat cable and it is controlled from the space of control room by means of remote radio transmission and industrial television cameras, located on crane. Push button panel may be used for emergency control.

Overhead crane with grab
Overhead crane 3.2t-13.3m

Hydraulic clamshell grab with capacity of 1m3, which is equipped with clamshell scraper, is suspended on crane hook. Hook is equipped with safety catch and it is secured against rotating. Grab is supplied with cable by means of motorized cable drum on crab frame.

Lifting capacity 3200 kg
Span 13300 mm
Lift height 15000 mm
Lift speed 11 m/min
Bridge travel speed 48 / 12 m/min
Crab travel speed 36 / 10 m/min
Suspension means forged hook
Handling means hydraulic clamshell grab 1 m3
Material specific weight 1100 kg/m3
Mains voltage 3 x 400 V, 50 Hz
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