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Overhead tongs crane 25t-25m

This metallurgical technological crane which is designed and adapted to technological process requirements and demands in iron and steel works belongs among overhead cranes, that are equipped with special handling and gripping appliances.

 Overhead tongs crane 25t-25m
Overhead crane with beam
950048 5
Tongs beam 25t

In this case it concerns the hydraulic tongs beam which satisfies not only all parameters and requirements for handling with round blooms, but also enables suspension of lifting magnet. With regard to crane capacity the beam may take together 1 up to 5 blooms.

 Tongs beam 25t for 1 - 5 blooms
Tongs beam for 1 - 5 blooms

The resilient mounting of crane operator chair and using of frequency converters for control of individual drives means a significant better quality of crane control and improving of operator working environment. Crab is designed as a rotating type.

Rotating type of crab   Rotating type of crab
Rotating type of crab

Mutual locking of crab travel and rotating is limited in final crab positions. Limit switches individually limit final positions of all motions.

Beam lifting capacity 25000 kg
Span 25000 mm
Lift height 6000 mm
Rotating range ± 135 °
Speed of lift 9/1.8 m/min
Speed of rotating 0-1.5 ot/min
Speed of bridge  0-100 m/min
Speed of crab 0-45 m/min
Handling means hydraulic tongs beam
lifting magnet
Round bloom diameter 410 mm
Round bloom length 6500 mm
Round bloom maximum temperature 800 °C
Mains voltage 3 x 500 V, 50 Hz
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