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Electric automated overhead grab crane 10.7t-28.5m

Electric, fully automated, overhead grab crane is designed for handling the loose gypsum during its withdrawal from the separation line, spreading on the area of store and further during its shipment from store area to two opposite bins. It consists of two main girders, connected at the ends by cross bars. Steel structure of the main girders and cross bars is welded of sheets and rolled profiles.

Overhead grab crane 10.7t-28.5m Crane cabin

Crane is adapted to two basic modes of work : a) fully automated automated operation b) standard operation – manual control from cabin, located at the edge of crane bridge Crab position, crane position and grab position in vertical direction are measured continuously. Also the height of stored material in hall is sensed continuously and the relief of stockpile is displayed on monitor in colour. This system enables to perform the immediate inventory of gypsum stores.

Crane cabin Remote controll of crane

Also information about quantity of material transported in grab are transferred to control room. Crane control system, technology of gypsum input by belt conveyer from the neighbouring hall and control of gypsum shipment from hoppers to wagons and lorries are mutually interconnected. The complete data transfer is made wireless, which enables the remote connection to the control system from „control centre“, far-away more than 100 km and to make either relevant diagnostics so eventual software corrections and modifications. Industrial T.V. system is installed on crane. Control desk, which forms its part, is placed in air-conditioned control-room, there is also installed computer of industrial design, including colour monitor, printing machine and operation system in necessary configuration.

It has the following software :

  • System program of vizualization
  • Application program of vizualization
  • Creation of screens, trends, archiving, etc.
  • Application program of control system
Lifting capacity 10700 kg
Span 28500 mm
Lift height 13300 mm
Lift speed 0-16 m/min
Speed of crab travel 0-30 m/min
Speed of bridge travel 0-60 m/min
Suspension means Bottom block with hook
clamshell grab 6.3 m3
Mains voltage 3 x 400 V, 50 Hz
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