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Overhead charging crane 2x70t-13.3m

Crane is designed for handling the scrap charging boxes, for their transport to converters and scrap dumping out into converters. Crane is equipped with two crabs, which travel on steel structure of common bridge. Each crab has two hoistings (front and back one), with the total lifting capacity 70t. Hoistings are controlled either each separately by its controller or after switching over together with controller of the front hoisting. Always only one of both crabs is in operation.

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All working motions are smoothly regulated and standby electric motors are constantly installed at crab hoist and travel mechanisms. The mutual backup system of frequency converters is also installed here for the event of failures, during scrap charging into convertor.

Overhead charging crane 2x70t-13.3m 970262 03

Special safety air-conditioned cabin of crane operator is equipped by vertical motor sliding protective shield. Starting to the fixed determined places is made automatically. All electric equipment is installed in separate, air-conditioned electric container.

Lifting capacity 2x70000 kg
Span 13300 mm
Hoist height 22000 mm
Hoist speed 0-6 m/min
Speed of trolley travel 0-20 m/min
Bridge travel speed 0-60 m/min
Lifting attachments Box suspension with 4 hooks
Mains voltage 3 x 400 V, 50 Hz
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