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Overhead cranes

Overhead cranes are in practice the most commonly used type of technical solution of lifting equipment - crane. The supporting steel structure (bridge) is the specific feature of overhead cranes. It consists of one or more main girders, that are at the end fitted with end trucks (with mounted travelling wheels). Cross bars are formed by roll profiles or they are of box section - sheet weldment. Crane crab is travelling on the main girders, eventually it is underslung below them. Overhead crane travels by steel wheels on crane runway which is mounted on pillars. Electric supply is mostly solved by longitudinal main power line. Crane is controlled from cabin, by remote control or by pendant push-button panel.

Overhead cranes, realized by our company
Overhead crane 3.2t-13.3m Overhead grab crane 10.7t-28.5m Overhead crane 25t-25m
Overhead crane
Overhead grab crane
Overhead crane

Their gripping appliances are mostly suspended on ropes or rope systems of hoisting machinery - e.g. pulley blocks (with forged hooks), tongs, mechanical grabs, angle straps, various beams fitted with tongs, magnets, suction pads, suspensions, shackles, etc. E.g. motor grab, magnet, C-hook, etc. can be suspended on bottom block with hook.

Overhead cranes, realized by our company
Overhead crane 32t-15.9m 940003_100 Overhead crane 35t-25m
Overhead crane
Overhead crane

Overhead cranes are designed and manufactured in wide range of hoisting capacities - from several hundred kilograms up to several hundred tons. Overhead cranes of low lifting capacities are designed mainly as single girder (mostly with suspended trolley - pulley block), cranes with higher and high lifting capacities are mostly double girder type.

Overhead cranes, realized by our company
 Mostový jeřáb 36t-27m 010763 1A Overhead crane 50t-27m Overhead charging crane 2x70t-13.3m 970262 01
Mostový jeřáb
Overhead crane
Overhead crane

Special overhead cranes, equipped with two (eventually more trolleys) are often three- and four-girder type.

Single-girder overhead cranes

Single-girder overhead cranes have mostly low and very low lifting capacity. The rope or chain travelling pulley block is suspended below the main girder. These cranes are controlled by pendant push-button panel or by remote control.

Double-girder overhead cranes

Double-girder (and multi-girder) overhead cranes have mostly higher and high lifting capacity. One or more crane trolleys travel on the main girders. They are controlled from cabin or by remote control.


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