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Rope pulleys, pulleys for steel ropes

Common spare parts of crane

The most frequently used element for cranes and other lifting equipment are steel ropes. These ropes are guided via rope pulleys and if necessary can be organized into relatively complicated rope systems that are part of the lifting mechanism of  cranes. The load weight to this system spread to several ropes, which can reach very high lifting the weight.


Rope pulleys
Drawing of rope pulleys of various diameters

Rope pulleys are freely rotating wheels mounted on axes, which have on their periphery a groove in which the rope is guided. The body of the pulley can be either cast or is made as a weldment.


Lubrication of the bearing Newly manufactured rope pulleys
Lubrication of the bearing Newly manufactured rope pulleys

The pulleys may be either attached to the fixed structure of the crane, or they are suspended on ropes and move them in the appropriate direction, as is the case e.g. in crane pulley. Dimensions of the groove for the rope must exactly match the rope used, otherwise there would be excessive wear.


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