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Pinions and gears

Common spare parts of crane

For cranes and other lifting equipment is rotational movement between the pinion and the mating gear basic sort of transmission of mechanical energy. The axes of the pinion and gear may according to the purpose parallel or trapezoidal, possibly also non-intersecting.


Pinion and gear
Pinion and gear


Gears are part of various mechanism of the crane. The most common use is in the gearboxes, which can contain large amounts of gear, but can also be used separately as open gears. It may be small gears used to transmit torque to small mechanisms, but can also be a relatively large gears. For example, the diameter of the gear mechanism for slewing crab may be up to several meters.


Pinions The ring gear of rope  drum Small gears
Pinions The ring gear of rope  drum Small gears


Material for production of pinions and gears is usually steel, the tooth surface may be hardened and cemented to the desired hardness. For less loaded auxiliary gear can also be used for the manufacture of plastics.


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