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Tongs 28t for handling the sheet coils

Single coil tongs (mechanical) is used for handling individual steel sheet coil, whose axis is in upright position. Tongs function does not require the presence of slinger in the working area, therefore the service personal is not exposed to the health risk or eventual operational accident.

Tongs 28t for handling the sheet coils

Coil annular ring is gripped by means of two opposite swinging tongs jaws and during the following hoist the coil is held by friction forces, acting between jaws and annular ring sides. Tongs lever mechanism induces the gripping force by acting of sheet coil.

Sheet coils in tongs

Self-locking operation is enabled by the so called "position locking mechanism" which is the most important part of tongs safety mechanism and secures its basic positions during working cycle : position of opened tongs and position of released lever mechanism when lever mechanism motion is enabled at coil gripping. Clamping and then releasing of coil from jaws is performed automatically in the moment of tongs bearing-on on the upper surface of coil.

Tongs lifting capacity 28000 kg
Coil outside diameter 1000 až 2300 mm
  hole diameter 600 až 850 mm
  annual ring thickness 200 až 850 mm
  weight 28000 kg
  temperature max. 720 °C
Tongs jaw opening max. 900 mm
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