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Tongs "KHK" for rails of "UIC" type

Tongs for rails with manual control are designed to grip always five pieces of rails in the position "with the feet as near as possible". Principally it is the system of shaped racks with the left-handed and right-handed noses. The left and right racks are adjustable against each other and their two extreme positions are arrested. In order to attain the maximum safety there are used two types of safety device. One is controlled automatically and the other manually.

Shaped noses of left and right-hand rack are in one extreme position in alignment and it is easy to shift them into gap between rail heads. Noses of shaped racks are in the other extreme position located under heads of gripped rails, thereby the reliable gripping is secured.

Tongs suspended on binding chain
Pic 1. : Tongs suspended on binding chain
Tongs before rail gripping
Pic 2. : Tongs before rail gripping 
Detail of rail gripping
Pic 3. : Detail of rail gripping

The mutual shifting of racks is performed manually by one operator. Tongs service can be performed either from the left so from the right-hand side, according to situation on the rail stock-yard.

Minimum two tongs will be suspended on crane beam by means of double-strand binding chain.

Dimensions and properties of products can be fully adapted to the customer's needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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