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Handling equipment for transport and putting of rails of length 75m

Handling unit for transport of long rails consists of two bridge beam cranes and four multi-purpose equipments - two per the beam of each crane.

Manipulační jednotka se zavěšeným manipulátorem na kolejnice
Multipurpose handling equipments

Multipurpose handling equipments are of completely new structure and they are designed for handling the rails S49, UIC54, UIC60 and R65. In case of need it is possible to modify these equipments even for rails of another dimensions.

Manipulátor při uchopování kolejnic
Manipulátor při uchopování kolejnic

Handling units serves for rail transport in storage and for rail transport from the storage to the set of railway wagons. In this case both cranes operate in synchronous mode and all their motions are controlled from one place - either from cabin of one crane or from the floor by means of remote control. Handling equipments grip always set of four rails.

Rails of length 75m
Rails of length 75m

Before putting to wagons the handling equipments will perform on demand of operator the horizontal movement of rails to mutual pitch 225 mm in the raised position. In this position the rails are prepared for putting on stands of railway wagons. Handling equipments may also serve for unloading of wagons, when it is necessary to take rails from stands on wagon and to perform their horizontal movement to the position "with the feet as near as possible" for putting to the storage. The stated number of simultaneously handled rails and the scope of horizontal movement results from specific conditions and it is possible to adapt them also to other demands of customer.

Position of rails at taking off from the rail storage Poloha kolejnic při odebírání ze skladu kolejnic
Position of rails at taking off from the rail storage Position of rails at putting on stands in wagons

The using of multi-purpose handling equipments brings the following advantages :

- considerable increasing of work productivity
- decreasing of requirements for service below crane
- no need to change the complete handling equipment during change of assortment
- magnetizing of transported rails does not occur
- considerable increasing of work safety during handling

This increasing of safety is caused either by the fact, that with regard to mechanical way of gripping the rail cannot drop down - as it happens in the case if magnets are used for handling and further the handling equipments are fitted with many locking functions.

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