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Gantry crane 32t+8t-26.5m

Gantry crane with great hoist height is designed to ship-building on the outside graving dock of dockyards, where it handles mainly weldments of assembly parts and other components of built ships.

Gantry crane 32t+8t-26.5m Gantry crane 32t+8t-26.5m

Crane consists of two 8t and 32t crabs, travelling with uniform speed. These crabs can work either separately or jointly. The speed of drives of crab travel and 8t hoist is in case of synchronous operation with crab travel and 32t hoist reduced in comparison with independent operation. In the course of work with one crab the other crab is in the extreme position on the bumper.

Cable Drum

Crane supply with power is provided by cable, reeled on cable drum. All drives are controlled with frequency converters. Crane travels on crane runway, it is controlled either from air-conditioned cabin, installed on gantry leg, or by radio control.

More photos of the construction and putting into operation of the crane can be found in our gallery.

Lifting capacity 40000 kg (32 t + 8 t)
Span 26.5 m
Hoist height 25 m
Speed of hoist 32t 0-5 m/min
  crab 32t travel 0-11 m/min
  hoist 8t 0-11 m/min
  crab 8t travel 0-20 m/min
  crane travel 0-27 m/min
Handling means bottom block 32 t, 8 t
Mains voltage 3 x 400 V, 50 Hz
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