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Gantry crane 20t-15m

Gantry crane is designed for outside environment. It is intended mainly for handling the reinforcing parts of railway bridges. It is possible to passage through the crane hinged leg.

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Walkway, which is placed along main girder, is arranged to provide maintenance of crab and cross trolley. Crab travel and all crane bogies are fitted with shaft mounted gearboxes. Stationary hoist is mounted on the crab frame. It is equipped with overload protection that controls even the reduced lifting capacity on the crane cantilever.

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Crane is controlled from the floor by panel, suspended on independent trolley and it is equipped with anemometer and anchors, securing crane in the out of operation stage. On the crane runway with the length of 100 m there travel two cranes of this type. Both cranes have the same speeds of operation that enable their synchronous operation during handling the long loads. They are fed by means of small type conductor line, mounted to the supporting lattice structure, fixed in the height of 8 m above the ground on columns. Collector truck trolley supports are placed on the cantilever of the main girder of each crane.

Lifting capacity 20000 kg
Span 15m + 4 m
Hoist height 6 m
Speed of hoist 3.2/0.5 m/min
  crane travel 27/6 m/min
  crab travel 20/5 m/min
Handling means bottom block with hook
Mains voltage 3 x 400 V, 50 Hz
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