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Gear couplings for crane hoisting device

Gear couplings description

Gear couplings allow tilting torque transmission even at smaller angular displacements axial expansion, possibly offset axes. Their use reduces the need for precise fit of all parts in the assembly mechanisms. In operation compensate deviations caused by elastic deformations and thermal expansion of the frame. When assembling precision (the smallest roll and yaw) and proper lubrication have considerable durability.

Gear coupling D400 with brake disc
Gear coupling with brake disc


The torque transmission takes place with the assistance of external and internal teeth, so it is possible with the aid gear couplings transmit large torques.

Using of gear couplings

It can be used as a gear coupling of the lifting mechanism of the crane and the drive mechanisms of the crane alone or trolleys. If required, it may be a gear coupling provided also with the brake disc, which is part of the outer coupling halves and serves for braking mechanism by means of a mechanical shoe brakes.


Gear coupling with brake disc Gear coupling with brake disc Gear coupling with brake disc
Gear coupling with brake disc 400 mm

Advantages of gear couplings

Gear couplings deployment is particularly suitable in treated plants and technonologií because these couplings allow the dismantling of the intermediate shaft on which they are installed, without dismantling the associated mechanisms. Long life and shorten repair times in the event of having to change, bringing considerable savings, for example in metallurgical plants in use for casting cranes, but also everywhere else where it is necessary to maintain the continuity of the production process.


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