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Crane cabin with protective shields

Cabin design fulfils all basic requirements for crane operator's safety in difficult, heavy duty operation, and that either from ergonomics point of view so from the design of internal space and lay-out of control elements in order to facilitate the crane operator's work in continuous operation as much as possible. Inside cabin, there are no projecting parts (except control elements), which could cause personal injury. These elements are built-in directly in chair, which can rotate in the full range of 360°. The cabin is air-conditioned and crane operator himself controls the air quantity according to his need. The own structure of cabin is made of rolled profiles and all cavities are lined by insulation material, which provides thermal and also acoustic insulation of cabin. Also cabin ceiling is doubled and lined by insulation material. All windows are made with double glazing by safety glass and the lower window is moreover provided with removable grate.

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Illustration of cabin with drawn protective shields

Cabin is equipped with protective shields, which are fixed ahead front and both side glazed walls of cabin and they serve for protection of crane operator against possible blow-outs of liquid metal. Crane operator performs control of these protective shields by pushbuttons, located on rotating chair panel.

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