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Crane cabins, chairs and crane remote control

Crane cabins

Our offer includes practically all types of cabins that are used on cranes, but also cabins for other purposes. Light cabins with single glazing for internal spaces and double-glazing for outdoor, equipped with heating and blower or air-conditioning, are the basic type. Cabins for outdoor are further equipped with system for water drain and they can be fitted with windscreen wipers and washers, sun screens, etc.

Special cabins are designed for the specific purposes, both from the point of view of dimensions and equipment. Cabins can be fitted with suitable air-conditioning system, safety sliding shields controlled by crane operator, fixed heat shields, monitors of industrial television, touch display panel, special safety glazing that consists of triplex glass with differential properties, which can be in case of necessity completed with safety foils, etc. The windows can be opened and glasses can be glued in frames, mounted by means of rubber profiles or dismountable frames (they can be also stainless). Cabin walls are provided with heat insulation.


Mounting of cabin Mounting of cabin  for bottom frame
Mounting of cabin, independently travelling along supporting structure of gantry crane Mounting of cabin for bottom frame

With regard to the method of mounting to the supporting structure the cabins can be upright, mounted for the bottom frame or suspended. Suspension can be solved also by means of special spring elements, in order the impacts or vibrations to the space of operator should be prevented. Cabins can be also individually and independently travelling along the crane supporting structure. The access is solved by doors in some wall, manhole in ceiling or by combination of both ways. If it is necessary the cabins can be equipped also with system for the direct emergency escape, independently on crane supporting structure.

Cabins used on our cranes
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Light-weight crane cabin Crane cabin with protective shields Crane cabin with safety screens

Cabins are with regard to customer´s requirements fitted with crane chair in the wide range of design and equipment. Chair leg can be fixed, rotating, manually and power-operated, or it can be with pneumatic suspension. Chair seat is sliding, can be tilted and also seat backrest with headrest can be tilted too. Also armrests are sliding. Cabins are always equipped with first-aid-kit and extinguisher and they are supplied in design for direct assembly on crane. All electrical wiring is terminated in one terminal board in covered space of cabin.
Through the use of these cabins it is possible to achieve the high comfort and also safety of crane operator nearly in any working process or environment.

You can view photos from cabin manufacturing in our Image gallery.

Crane chairs

Crane cabins supplied by our company are equipped with several types of standard chairs. Chairs are fitted with panels with controllers, indicator lamps and signal elements. Dimensions and shape of these panels are solved with regard to the range of equipment and ergonomic principles.
The so-called ."light type of chair" to which controllers are fixed, is used during reconstructions of the existing cranes with lower lifting capacities.

Crane chairs with lever controllers Crane chairs with lever controllers Crane chairs with lever controllers
Crane chairs with lever controllers

Crane remote control

The sets are designed for remote control of cranes and other mobile industrial devices. Radio transmission of commands functions at a preset frequency band, it is secured against error transmission and each device has assigned the unique address. Controllers are characterized by small dimensions and low weight.

Crane remote control
Crane remote control


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