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Travelling units

The travelling unit D630 with drive

The travelling unit D630 can be used both for travel of bigger crab and also complete crane. It consists of the box body, whereon there are set two steel travelling wheels in corner bearings. The bumper, protection system against self-movement and scraper form a part of this unit.

Travelling unit with drive Travelling unit with drive
Travelling unit D630 with drive

One of the travelling wheels is connected with driving unit with braking electric motor with possibility of frequency converter feeding, securing the fluent motion of drive.  The travelling speed is selected according to requirements of customer and needs of operation.

The travelling unit on rail
The travelling unit on rail

The advantage of this concept is the possibility of quite easy accommodation of connecting pin diameter and depth of work of the own box body so that this unit could be used both at new cranes and at reconstructions of the present cranes.

Dimensions of travelling unit D630
Dimensions of travelling unit D630
Wheel diameter 630 mm
Wheel distance    900 mm
Depth of work 765 mm
Connecting pin diameter 140 mm
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