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Hydraulic tongs beam 25t

Hydraulic tongs beam is designed for handling with round blooms 410 mm of length 3000 - 6500 mm.
Beam is fitted with two tongs pairs, driven by recti-linear hydromotors. Each tongs pair is driven independently that secures safe bearing of all tongs pairs on the load and it means its reliable gripping. The mutual synchronization of each tongs pair is performed by mechanical cinematic chain.
Tongs parts, which are in contact with hot load, are designed as exchangeable from the reasons of the increased wear.

Hydraulic tongs beam 25t

Electromechanical system informs crane operator by means of signal lamps located in cabin about mutual position of beam and load, i.e. about number of blooms that are to be gripped by tongs.

Hydraulic unit, which is located on beam body, is the source of pressure liquid. All components of hydraulic circuit are protected against heat radiation. The tongs beam is controlled by operator from cabin without assistance of service on the floor.

Further the tongs beam is fitted with hooks for suspending of load magnet and socket for its power supply connection. Power supply to the tongs beam is performed from trolley frame.

Lifting capacity 25000 kg
Number of tongs pairs 2
Tongs opening range 228-1200 mm
Operating voltage 3 x 500 V, 50 Hz
Voltage of control circuit 24 V
Load - bloom diameter 410 mm
Load - bloom length 3000-6500 mm
Load - max. temperature 800 °C
max. number of simultaneously handled blooms 5 pcs of length 3000 mm
3 pcs of length 6500 mm
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