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Cranes and lifting devices

We design and supply all kinds of cranes and lifting devices, including suspension devices or gripping appliances. Alarm and accessory systems, that bring the increasing of work safety in correspondence with the valid regulations, form a part of these appliances.

Overhead cranes Gantry cranes Uderslung cranes Pillar cranes Hand cranes
Overhead cranes Gantry cranes Uderslung cranes Pillar cranes Hand cranes

Crane beams

Beams are specific handling means, serving to the wide range sometimes very special handling processes and the lifting capacity may be from tens of kilograms up to hundreds of tons.

Beamcast Beamclassic Beamhydr Beamspec
Beams for metallurgical plants Beams Hydraulic tongs beam Special beams

Crane cabins, chairs and crane remote control

Our offer includes practically all types of cabins that are used on cranes, but also cabins for other purposes.

Compcabin Compchair Compremotectrl
Crane cabins Crane chairs Remote controls

Crane gripping appliances

For gripping appliances we consider mechanical devices, whereby the load is safely gripped and consequently it is possible to perform with it the required handling by means of crane itself or by lifting equipment.

Comptongs Compsuspension Compmanipulator Compgrab
Tongs for sheet coils Suspensions Handling equipments Grabs

Crane suspension devices

At suspension devices the load is suspended on the own construction of this device, which is either detachably or non-detachably connected with the its own crane.

Compchook Compbottomblockrot Compbottomblock
C-hooks Rotating bottom blocks Standard bottom blocks

Crane hooks

As elements of proof for suspending the use of various types of crane hooks. Most often they are forged hooks, in special cases, it can be used in laminated hook assembled from multiple sheets.

Comphook Lamelový hák
Crane hooks Laminated-plate hooks

Crane brakes

The lifting brakes consist of lever mechanism and a pair of shoes, which by means of electro-hydraulic releasing device produce the brake action on rotating brake drum. Our company also supplies special crane brakes and safety lifting brakes.

Compbrakehoist Compbrakespec Compbrakedisc Brzda pojezdu jeřábu
Lifting brakes Special brakes Safety disk brakes Travelling brakes

Crane lift components

Our company supplies the specific machine and also electric components for mechanisms of the crane lifting gears, from which these gears are assembled.

Compcoupling Gear couplings Compgearbox Compdrum Drum bearings
Flexible couplings Gear couplings Lift gear boxes Rope drums Drum bearings

Components of crane travel and trolley travel

According to your requirements we are able to supply for mechanisms of crane and trolley travelling gear the necessary parts, both machine and electric.

Compgearboxtrav Compwheel Comptravelunit Compbumper
Gear boxes Travelling wheels Travelling units Buffers

Other components of crane

We also supply other standard components and spare parts used both in cranes and lifting equipment, as well as in many other machinery. In particular, the general components required for normal operation.

Compgearwheel Compropepull Common brakes
Pinions and gears Rope pulleys Common shoe brakes

Electric power and signal transmission

It serves for transmission of electric power or control and measuring signals from fixed parts of crane to his movable parts.

Comptrolley Cable drum Compcabledrum
Overhead contact lines Cable drums Cable drums


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