Gripping and handling means

Gripping and handling means


For gripping appliances we consider mechanical devices, whereby the load is safely gripped and consequently it is possible to perform with it the required handling by means of crane itself or by lifting equipment.

It relates mainly devices that are structurally adapted to the specific material, that will be handled. It can concern e.g. sheet or wire coils, individual pieces or bundles of bar material, handling one or multi rails together, or transporting of piece or other material.



According to the method of suspension these means can be designed either like non-detachable, if they directly form a part of the crane supporting system, or detachable, that can be suspended on crane pulley-block hook only if it is necessary.

Gripping appliances can be designed as simple fixtures, when handling is performed usually manually with help of operator or they can be fully automated devices, mostly with own drive. These are suitable mainly for automated operations, where they enable quick and efficient handling the loads without presence of operator. It contributes to increasing of effectiveness and safety of the whole production process.